Hey I’m Ryan and welcome to Ryan’s Push Irons.

I’m an independent cycle mechanic who wants to change how you buy your next bicycle (push iron).

If you want the most amount of bike for your money then it’s a very smart decision to buy one second hand. A top spec bike that might have been out of your budget when purchased new suddenly becomes a lot cheaper as a second owner bargain.

So how do you buy a second hand bike? Well if you open up ebay you’ll see thousands of possibilities but which one is the right bike for you?

That’s where I can help!

I source and prepare only the finest examples of used road bikes and each one comes with a fresh service and detailed condition report. You can buy one of my bicycles in complete confidence that you’re getting the bike that is right for you at the right price with no nasty surprises.

If you’re looking to upgrade your existing bicycle then let me be your one stop shop for a seamless transition. Just get in touch and let me know what sort of bike you’re looking for and what you currently ride. Then sit back while I source, inspect, service and prepare your new bike ready for you to collect it and trade in your old one on the same day.

Looking to sell me your bike? No problem! Just email me a couple of pics and I’ll send you a detailed valuation of your bike and what price I can offer you for it. You’ll be guaranteed a quick hassle-free sale and you won’t have to deal with the inevitable timewasters that come with selling it yourself.

So that’s what I do in a nutshell, for more detail click on the BUYING/SELLING tabs and the STOCK LIST has some bikes for sale as well as some that you've missed.

You can also see if I have any cycling parts on my ebay store.

Remember I’m only an email away so give me a shout ryan@ryanspushirons.com if you have any questions..

Thanks for jumping on board with #ryanspushirons