When it comes the time to sell your treasured push iron, it can be emotional.

To have your trusty steed laid bare on the internet for a week whilst you field questions from timewasters can be a pretty tough ride.

That’s why I want to make the whole process as quick, painless and convenient for you as possible.

Sell to Ryan’s Push Irons and get:

  • An accurate, detailed valuation based on condition and current market conditions.

  • An emailed offer of typically 75%-90% of market value depending on desirability and whether I already have a buyer lined up.

  • Same-day or scheduled collection of the bike at your convenience.

  • INSTANT Cash, Bank Transfer, Paypal payment as soon as a sale is agreed.

There are no other fee’s to pay and I pride myself on giving you a fair price for your push iron.

If you still want to sell the bike yourself here are just a few things to be aware of…

FEES - Ebay can charge a listing fee, a reserve fee and then a final value fee. This is normally at least 10% of your sale price so bear that in mind.

PAYPAL – Buyers will normally want to pay via Paypal so they’ll want an extra 2.9%-3.5% of the selling price too.

  • Example – you sell your bike on ebay for £1000 with an £800 reserve.
    Reserve Fee = £31.97
    Final Value Fee = £100
    Paypal Fee = £29.30

Total left for the sale of your beloved push iron...... £838.73

Now I’m not saying I can always promise to beat that final amount of money in your pocket but what I can promise is you won’t have to deal with the following…

  • Endless questions from prospective buyers.

  • Endless questions from complete timewasters

  • Additional picture requests

  • Offensive low ball offers

  • Offers of swaps for a Playstation/knackered Transit van

  • Overseas paypal scams

  • Hassling or haggling.

Anyone who has ever sold a bike on ebay can tell you there is nothing worse than dealing with all that for a whole week only to have to winning bidder disappear quicker than the guy in the canoe. Then you have to relist and do it all again…

So do the smart thing and give me a shout when it is time to sell the push iron.

Drop me an EMAIL I can put some cash in your hand and get your bike in my workshop ready for it’s new owner.